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INFO NETSYS - Networking with Ease and Expertise


INFO NETSYS COMMUNICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED saw its genesis in the year 2004. The founders of INFO NETSYS have core competence in providing cost effective IT solutions with ease and expertise.

INFO NETSYS always remains a preferred source for quality and competitive System Integration, Networking, Hardware and Peripheral solutions. INFO NETSYS has positioned itself as the most sought after solutions provider for all communication needs.

With a strong force of highly dedicated and exceptionally talented professionals, INFO NETSYS takes the challenge of offering high-end System Integration and Networking Solutions. These may involve even the highest degree of complexity, but for INFO NETSYS all this becomes a cakewalk due to its rich and diverse industry experience.

INFO NETSYS also being one of the largest System Integrators for various cabling vendors, also extends its expertise in the area of WAN& LAN solutions that allow seamless integration of networks over a specified geographical region or area.

As a proactive organization INFO NETSYS has partnered with software and hardware leaders such as IBM, HP and other OEMs to compliment it's business operations. This will enable INFO NETSYS to translate client satisfaction to client delight. It envisions the idea of providing communication solutions through such business acquaintances.

INFO NETSYS has robust infrastructural capabilities, which facilitates the provision of complete network solutions and installations all over India .

One will never face the threat of technology mortality with INFO NETSYS as it is consistently involved in training its engineers in emerging technologies to keep pace with rapidly changing industrial needs. People at INFO NETSYS are certified professional of CISCO, D-link, Nordx-CDT, SYSTIMAX and the like. INFO NETSYS also equips itself with Sophisticated Testing and Scanning Equipment to test both copper and fiber installations
We still have reasons as to why INFO NETSYS is the best
Cost Effective Solutions
Prompt Material Delivery
Execution of projects in stipulated time frame
Maintaining Quality in all aspects
Post Installation Support
Technical guidance
Customer Satisfaction
Access to Diversified Customer base
INFO NETSYS has an interesting product suite that are sourced from the best of vendors. This always ensures a quality product that enhances operational efficiency. The following is a clear specification of the components involved and their respective vendors.
Passive components SYSTIMAX, D-LINK, KRONE, AMP, DAX, MOLEX.
Switches and Routers Cisco, 3com,Nortel, Dlink, Dax.
Baseband and broadband modems Ascom, RAD, Mutitech, Dlink.
UPS cabling components Anchor, Finolex.
Uninterruptible power supplies APC, Digital.
19" communication racks and server racks VAL Rack , APW President and HCL.
Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Peripherals IBM, HP, HCL,TVSE, EPSON, CANON.
It is always guaranteed that when one comes to INFO NETSYS they get the best genre of services. INFO NETSYS Service suite addresses system integration efforts and networking assignments that cater to a wide. It thus becomes a one-stop shop for all your integration and networking needs. Our interesting service portfolio attends to the following area range of industries.
Structured Cabling installation both copper and fiber
Certifying cable plants for warranty
LAN Electronics solutions
Wan solutions
Hardware and Peripherals
Storage Solutions
UPS Secondary power wiring
Trouble shooting, termination and testing of data circuits
EPABX and Voice Integration
Up- gradation of Personal Computers
AMC for Personal Computers
Site preparation projects

INFO NETSYS serves a clientele that caters to varied industries such as banking, technology, communication, service, manufacturing and the like. With respect to the banking sector we are very closely associated with both nationalized and private sector banks that are in the business of serving challenging consumers. For banks information is power and more so information has to travel at a quick phase to surpass competitive barriers. Also due to wider presence banks have to learn to receive and share information across a diverse platform that makes standardized information available for all. INFO NETSYS assist banks in this process of information management by impeccable integration of systems and through excellent networking of functions that facilitate smooth running of the banking operations. IT also enables fast, economical and reliable transmission of information in any form that ultimately makes an impact on the bottom line of the banks.

The exceptional ability of INFO NETSYS performance in integration and networking solutions makes the customer's investment protected. This not only reveals the inherent capabilities of INFO NETSYS but also serves as a platform of confidence building that undoubtedly assure tendering of best of services and solutions to their clients time and again. This also ensures a perfect installation and post installation support.


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